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Full text of "transcription, Southeast News, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, October-November-December 1989"

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Volume 41 (actually 37), Number 4 
October-November-December 1989 

From the Conference Minister 

The Promise of the New 

Advent, a season of preparation and birth, is a time to ponder the basic 
purposes and meaning of life: "When all else ... is said and done ... gone ... 
what is left?" 

Words try to capture the ultimates of life in simple terms: Joy, Love, Hope, 
Trust, Caring and Courage. These are words that make all the difference! 

How important any of these ultimates of life are is felt when we are without 
them. Their absence, lack or less, brings soulful pain. 

Advent speaks a word of promise and fixes our eyes on a new life, a new 
day and a new birth of hope. 

Hear these words freshly: 

"Fear not ... I bring you news of great joy ... for all people." 

What dramatic and contemporary words that bring us the news of a new 

I pray to bless you all in this season of assured grace. 

And personally, I thank you all, as individuals and churches, for our shared 
ministries in 1989, and for the hopeful and visionary new spirit for 1990. 

The Conference is our place of God's calling us together to be a people of 
witness who can make a difference in growth and mission. 

Merry Christmas, Y'all! 

Roger D. Knight 
Conference Minister 

OCWIVI Not Keeping Peace witii Budget 

Churches in the Southeast Conference have not kept pace to date with 
the amount budgeted for Our Church's Wider Mission in 1989. 

For the 1989 year, the Conference budget lists $179,420.00 in OCWM 
support. At present, OCWM support is projected to reach only $161,000, about 
the same as in 1988. 

According to Lenda Sherrell, Conference Treasurer, total budget shortfall 
for 1989 is anticipated to be more than $30,000 because the Conference has not 
received the anticipated growth funds listed in the 1989 budget as well as the 
anticipated OCWM support. 

"It is important that churches re-examine their OCWM commitment for the 
year, or if they have not made their OCWM payment, to do so soon," said 
Conference Minister Roger Knight. 

UCC to Assist Conference 

The Southeast Conference will get special financial aid and program 
assistance in church development, staffing, and stewardship in 1990. 

The Executive Council of the United Church of Christ approved in late 
October the recommendations of the Southeast Conference consultation. 

As a result, national church bodies will help the Conference in its effort to 
enhance its life and growth, in the following ways: 

A one-time grant of $8,400 for administrative support in 1990. 

Funding for 5 years for a half-time person in church development. 

More favorable funding formulas in sharing the cost of new churches with 
the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries. 

Sponsoring planning and training of leaders in church development. 

A series of three Evangelism Institutes held for churches in the 
Conference over the next three years. 

Assistance of the Stewardship Council in financial operations, and in the 
sponsoring and leading of leadership training events. 

Assistance of the Stewardship Council in training and development of 
local church representatives in a "Mission Alive" program. 

Conducting of a Feasibility Study for the development of a campaign to 
endow Conference needs and new church development. 

Priority on three church sites when BHM begins its advanced site 
purchase program. 

"The action of the Executive Council clearly gives the people and 
churches of the Conference the opportunity to build a stronger future as we work 
to strengthen in faith, flourish as we work to strengthen in faith, flourish as 
stewards, and grow in people and churches," said Roger Knight, Conference 

Notes from the Conference 

Michael Small began as pastor of Belvidere (Tenn.) First United Church of 
Christ in October. He, his wife Sheila and daughter Micah are from Hackensack, 
Minnesota. Steven Nyquist has begun as an Associate Pastor at St. John's, 
Cullman, Alabama. Joseph Hough began as Dean of Vanderbilt School of 
Theology. He is formerly Dean of Claremont School of Theology in California. 

Sick List: 

James Myers, Birmingham; James Fields, Charleston; Fred Morris, 
LaGrange; William Green, Jemison, Alabama. 

Upcoming Events in the Conference: 

Jan. 76; Conference closes books on 1989 year. Please have OCWM and 
other receipts in before this date. 

Jan. 19-20: Board of Directors Meeting. 

Feb. 16-17: Pre-Retirement Seminar for Clergy and Spouses; Days Inn, 
LaGrange, GA. Sponsored by Pension Boards of UCC. Persons 50-65 are 
invited, but seminar open to all. Provides valuable opportunity to assess all 
needs and financing for retirement. Cost is $65 for meals and lodging per couple. 
Registration deadline, February 1st. 

Feb. 20-/Apr// 2; Telemission Video Van of UCBHM will be in Southeast 
Conference. Selected churches will take part in 5 days of planning, workshops 
and shooting to learn "how tos" of producing a church video. A Conference video 
also will be produced. Please submit requests to Conference office to participate 
by January 5. 

March 29-31: Evangelism Institute, Atlanta. Start of a three-year series of 
institutes for pastors and at least two lay persons from each church. Reuben 
Sheares of UCBHM will be keynote speaker. Bob Kurtz, pastor of Nashville First 
United Church, is chair. 

April 6-7: Board of Directors Meeting 

June 8-70; Annual Meeting, Talladega College, Talladega, AL. Keynote 
speaker is Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago. 

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom he 
is pleased." 

Luke 2:14 

Christmas Greetings from the Conference Staff; Roger, Sandye, Kathy and 

Charity Begins at Home; Stewardsliip Begins in Joy 

During this time of year, charitable organizations and worthy causes 
bombard us with requests for donations. And we give, sometimes resentfully and 
sparingly in this season of joy. 

Charity is often an act of sadness. We have so little to spare when so 
much is needed. 

Stewardship is an act of joy. We celebrate what God has given us, and 
give back in thanksgiving what we do not truly need for ourselves. 

Stewardship is an act of faith. It is evidence of our trust in Christ's church 
to fulfill what God calls it to do. 

In October, the Executive Council of the United Church of Christ affirmed 
its trust that the Southeast Conference has responded to God's call to it— to grow 
and to flourish in faith — by authorizing special assistance to the Conference. It is 
a joyful act of stewardship on the part of our national church bodies. 

In this season of joy, take time to reflect on your gifts, and what work of 
faith you can perform for the Conference, especially as a steward, affirming your 
trust in our mutual life. 


Published by the Southeast Conference 
United Church of Christ 

P.O. Box 29883 
Atlanta, Georgia 30359 

The preceding was a transcription from the original publication, except for 
photographs and associated captions, and a donation form on page 2. 
Neither the original nor the transcription are copyrighted or have rights 

reserved; they are in the public domain for free use. Copies of the original 
may be obtained from the Southeast Conference office. 

This transcription was recorded on July 22, 2013 by Mike Stroud, director 

of Project 66-16, an initiative to record, compile and write the history of the 

Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ.